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The goal of individual counseling is to improve daily functioning of the client. We support the client to find and understand his difficulties and to find solutions. We can explore areas as private logic, social interes, family constelation, life style or the behavior goal.

Couple psychotherapy. At some point almost every couple is confrunting with comunication difficulties or other relating problems. Reasons can be multiples and usually ease to solve. But when you are involve in a relation is hard to be objective and to find new solutions. So, when a couple came to psychotherapy the client is the relation not one of the two involved. So the emphasis is on how to improve the relation.

Often one of the two members of the couple is coming along to the psychotherapist considering that if he gets help, the relation will be better. It’s true but it’s amazing how many thing you can find about your partener, your relation and even you when the two of you are coming to the counselor.

Family Counseling. A family come to counseling usualy for the child or the children. It’s true that a child misbehavior or other problems affect the entire family. But only together members of a family can find solutions accepted by everyone. From the family counseling every member has something to get. First step is to understand everyone’s behavior. Than, next step is to find why, what’s the behavior purpose and finaly to find coping strategies, to find new solutions.

Group Therapy for ADHD children (hyperactivity). Usually difficult children who are misbehave, agressive, isolated or a constant challenge for parents and teachers are labeled with ADHD. Some of them are hyperactive, some aren’t. We think that more important than a diagnostic is to help this children to learn apropriate behaviors, to socialize with other children, to share and to respect rules. In other words to prepare them to be responsible adults.